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The Secret To Employment In A Gen-Z Age

The Secret To Employment In A Gen-Z Age
HireHive Team

HireHive Team


It doesn’t feel like long ago that we were discussing the impact of millennials entering the workforce. Yet, while millennial employees still form a majority, studies reveal that Gen-Z will make up around 27% of the workforce by 2025. And that number’s only set to grow as this generation, which can be categorised specifically as anyone born between 1997-2012, comes of age. In many ways, this is great news for employers as Gen-Z brings a fresh take on businesses that can then ensure a broader appeal. But employment shifts are essential to attract top talent of every new generation. For millennials, this meant small steps towards employment technology and a continued focus on things like in-company growth. Gen-Z aren’t all that different, but they do have some specific employment requirements of their own. Make sure your recruitment drives meet them by putting the following tips into action.

# 1 - Embrace Technology

Recruitment tech became a must-have during the millennial age of employment. But Gen-Z applicants who have grown up with tech as standard are unlikely to even consider a role if they can’t apply online or via mobile. What’s more, 76% of Gen-Z candidates would consider abandoning an online application if it took them longer than 15 minutes. 

To even stand a chance of getting Gen-Z onboard, employers need to offer simplified, easy-access online opportunities, which are posted across a variety of job boards. Equally, Gen-Z applicants will expect the use of recruitment tech that simplifies this entire process, making for easier communications, applicant tracking, and interview scheduling. And, of course, you shouldn’t hesitate to implement at least some level of video interviews within your employment process. This is key to revealing your ability to adapt, and your flexible approach to things like tech advancements. 

# 2 - Encourage Diversity

According to the PEW Research Centre, Gen-Z is more racially and ethnically diverse than any generation before. Gen-Z is also impassioned about the value of equality in all areas, with 83% reporting that they consider an employer’s commitment to workforce diversity before accepting a role. 

Things like multilingual employment drives and talent pools selected from a range of outlets are, therefore, vital. Varied Gen-Z applicants may also look for job descriptions that actively encourage applications from minority groups or underprivileged backgrounds. Equally, it’s worth putting people at the forefront of your company via things like office walkarounds throughout the employment drive. You want to show Gen-Z applicants that you employ an exciting and diverse array of people, who not only come from different age groups, backgrounds, and ethnicities but also possess cognitive diversity in their thinking and approach to workday challenges. 

# 4 - Advertise Flexible Work Arrangements

Remember, the majority of Gen-Z applicants came of working age during the Covid years. As a result, 42% of Gen-Z employees value remote working and flexible leave as top priorities during a job search. In large part, this comes from a more prevalent focus on achieving work-life balance than most generations before. 

This focus is so intense that even job ads for hybrid roles don’t necessarily fit the bill. Instead, Gen-Z applicants want the power to decide where and when they work. This requires complete flexibility around things like set hours, office availability, and home working as required. If you want to sell a job role to Gen-Z, you need to put this flexible focus at the forefront of your job advertisements, and throughout your interview process. 

# 4 - Put Company Culture on Show

Work is a social affair for Gen-Z employees who typically thrive best when they feel part of a close-knit community. In particular, you’ll want Gen-Z prospects to know that you encourage things like whole-team collaborations and communal working setups. 

To start with, it’s worth putting something about this in your job description, perhaps just a paragraph about your culture, or about the kind of person who might be a good fit for your team. Once Gen-Z applicants have progressed a little further, it’s also always worth offering either individual or group office walk-rounds, where candidates can see your culture first-hand, and even meet some of the people who will become key social figures for them later on. 

# 5 - Always Point Towards Self-Led Progression

Like any previous generation, Gen-Z applicants prioritise growth potential when considering a new role. Unlike previous generations, they expect this progression to be largely self-led and flexible to their needs. Instead of being locked into set progression graphs and imposed training, Gen-Z applicants want to know that they can build their own career path with you. For more than 40% of Gen-Z employees, this means employee-led peer-to-peer mentorship, as well as flexible growth development opportunities like self-led online training courses. 

Gen-Z are also the generation of the side hustle, and employers could benefit from taking heed of this. By offering ‘side-of-desk’ projects, it’s possible to save Gen-Z employees from needing to work out of hours, while still helping to foster a variety of skills and developments through their role. By making these opportunities apparent in even the earliest stages of your recruitment process, it’s far more likely that forward-thinking, passionate Gen-Z applicants will look your way. 

HireHive Has Gen-Z In Mind

Gen-Z applicants bring undeniable value to companies that require a refresh or simply want to continue attracting a broad client age range. As Gen-Z overtake millennials as our prime workforce in the coming years, knowing how to attract this new age of professionals is essential for company survival. 

HireHive is a vital recruiting software that can help you meet many of Gen-Z’s expectations without even needing to try. As well as putting tech at the forefront of your recruitment drives, the ability to automatically post to multiple job boards in minutes, as well as linking job applications to your website, can ensure the tech-streamed ease that Gen-Z applicants need. Equally, HireHive is uniquely positioned to simplify everything from multilingual, diverse recruitment drives, to video interview scheduling as standard. 

Gen-Z is coming. Get ready by registering for your free trial of HireHive today. 

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