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Manage candidate applications

Take the hassle out of managing applications with HireHive.

Track Applications – ATS

Get a clear view of where your candidates are coming from with our source tracking for every application.

Source of applications

Do you want to know where your candidates found the job? All applications through HireHive are fully tracked through our Applicant tracking system (ATS).

Track Application Source

In-depth reports

When you require further information on where your jobs are being seen and where your applications are coming from you can dive into in-depth reports and analytics from our dashboard.

In Depth Reports

Boost and track employee referrals

An employee referrals portal allows you to boost and manage your employee referrals.

Employee Referrals Software

Set up referral campaigns for relevant jobs and invite employees to log in to their own referral portal. Create rewards for interviews scheduled and for hires to encourage sharing of campaigns.

Referral Software

Employee Referrals Tracking

All employee referrals are fully tracked within HireHive with each referred candidate flagged in the dashboard.

Referral Tracking

External recruiter portal

Accepting candidates from recruitment/staffing agencies is easy with HireHive with the specially designed portal for external recruiters.

Recruiter Candidate Portal

Invite external recruiters to submit candidates for specifically allocated jobs via the agency portal.

Each user will get their own portal login and will be able to track the progress of their candidates.

Recruiter Candidate Portal

Duplicate flagging

Candidates who applied in the past or have previously been submitted will be flagged as ‘Potential Duplicate’ in their profile.

Flag Duplicate applications

CV/Resume parsing

Need to add a candidate to HireHive? With our 'drag and drop' CV import option you won't have to manually add the candidates data saving you time.

Easily add candidates with resume parsing software

Simply drag and drop the candidate's CV/Resume file into HireHive and let us do the rest.

Our parsing tool will pull information from the CV/Resume and create the candidate's profile.

a resume with parsed information

Manage candidates

Move your candidates through a clear hiring pipeline from New to Hired/Rejected.

Hiring pipeline process

Each candidate that applies will automatically appear in the ‘New’ stage of the recruiting pipeline. Candidates can then be reviewed and moved through the hiring process which is clearly reflected in the pipeline.

Hiring Pipeline

Create a database

Each application that comes into HireHive is stored in your own centralised database. This database is fully searchable using filters, keywords and Boolean search terms.

filterable list of applications

In-depth candidate management profiles

HireHive creates a detailed profile for each candidate. This profile contains the application (CV/Resume and cover letter) as well as the basic details such as the contact information and the current job of the candidate.

Candidate profile

Steamlined communication

Easy candidate communication which integrates with all email providers.

Send and receive emails through HireHive and reply to candidate emails via your own email provider.

Messages from a conversation

Multilingual Hiring

Do you have offices in various locations? HireHive supports companies hiring multilingual people.

Hire in different languages

HireHive is a multilingual ATS so you can set up multilingual job application pages allowing your candidates to apply in whatever language you choose.

Application form in french

Multi office hiring

Set the language for your job posting and the application form will automatically be set to that language.

Assign hiring team members to jobs based on their location to manage all recruitment within one account.

List of users and their roles

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Find candidates

Reach a wider audience with automated posting.

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Manage applications

Move your candidates through a clear hiring pipeline.

Assess candidates

Add unlimited users to your hiring team for collaborative hiring.

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Analyse reports

Review data and make informed data-driven recruiting decisions.

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