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Find and attract candidates

Get your job seen by the right candidates, at the right time.

Post to job boards

Reach a wider audience with automated posting to major job boards including Indeed, Simply Hired and Glassdoor.

Post to major job boards

With HireHive you can automatically post your jobs to the best free & paid job boards to get a wider audience for each job posting.

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Track activity with job posting site

All applications are captured and fully tracked within HireHive allowing you to accurately measure your Return On Investment for each platform.

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Post jobs to social media

Reach a wider candidate pool with easy and intuitive social media posting directly from your HireHive dashboard.

Job posting to social channels

HireHive connects with your Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook accounts so you can easily share a company or personal update about your job.

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Social Recruiting Reports and Analytics

HireHive fully tracks the social performance of your job postings on all platforms allowing you to get a full overview of this from your Reports.

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Accept applications online

Accepting applications online with HireHive couldn't be easier. There are two options:

Fully hosted careers page

For a quick and easy solution you can use the fully hosted careers page provided by HireHive. This can be customised with your logo and images, text and videos and you can then simply link to this page from your own website.

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Integrate with your own website

For a more advanced option you can copy and paste the job widget into your own careers page.

This will display the jobs using an iFrame and ensures a seamless application process for the candidate as they never leave your website.

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Custom application process

Each job is different and you require different information to make an informed hiring decision. For this reason HireHive's application forms can be customised to help you get the most relevant information from each application.

Application questions

Use our default application form to capture the candidate's basic information such as their name, email address, CV/Resume and cover letter.

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Customised application questions

Customise our default application form and add questions about experience, skills and ask for additional files to support the candidate’s application.

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Find candidates

Reach a wider audience with automated posting.

Manage applications

Move your candidates through a clear hiring pipeline.

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Assess candidates

Add unlimited users to your hiring team for collaborative hiring.

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Analyse reports

Review data and make informed data-driven recruiting decisions.

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“HireHive makes the team a lot more productive. We’d be lost without it. Team Leaders can do it all themselves if needed or jump in at the right time and know exactly where everything is and what’s happening.”

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Hilary Dempsey Head of HR at Life Credit union

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