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Our story

HireHive is a smart, intuitive platform that enables HR professionals to hire smarter and faster. Our clever tech includes AI-generated messages, time-saving analytics and multilingual capabilities allowing us to reach talents worldwide. We know a user-friendly platform is important to our customers, so we made our system incredibly easy to use.

We made sure to back our smart tech with dedicated human support. All our plans include quick and effective customer support and issue resolution. We understand the human side of HR. When a hiring manager is stuck, they need a real person to talk to. When a client faces a challenge, they need a human voice guiding them through it. That's what we offer — a balanced mix of AI-powered efficiency, multilingual capabilities and real-time human support.

We believe in fairness, transparency, and flexibility. So, we have created a sensible pricing system that allows users to switch between plans easily, so we can support our clients while they grow.

Our journey began in Ireland, but our vision is global. As a privately owned, founder-led company, we can work fast and respond to our customers’ needs without anything else getting in the way. Thanks to our multilingual switching capabilities, we quickly found ourselves serving clients from all around the world.

From a small team in Cork to a global platform facilitating recruitment in numerous languages, HireHive has been growing with our customers since 2011.

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