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Analyse reports

Track and analyse all recruiting data within HireHive. Review data and make informed data-driven recruiting decisions. Take manual data entry out of recruiting compliance.

Recruiting analytics & detailed reports

Track application sources

See which job boards performed best for you. Get detailed information for specific jobs and track the conversion rate of applications.

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Progress reports

Select a job and date range and get detailed information on how many candidates are at each stage of the hiring process.

Candidate Progress Reports

Candidate export and advanced hiring data reports

Want to continue working with your data in Excel? No problem, easily export all candidate data to a .csv file.

US companies that meet certain criteria are required to submit an EEO-1 report each year. HireHive helps you automate this process and allows you to review and export all data collected.

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Recruitment Compliance Reports

Take manual data entry out of recruiting compliance


If your organisation has more than 15+ staff in the USA or you’re a contractor or subcontractor for the US government, you will need to comply with the EEO laws and OFCCP regulations.

HireHive collects and tracks your hiring data, to automatically create compliance reports.

Collecting data

Set up your company for the EEO survey and include OFCCP reports at the touch of a button.

Each time you post a job with HireHive, your company careers site will display an Equal Opportunity Employer disclaimer at the bottom of your site. Candidates have the option to fill out the voluntary EEO survey immediately after applying for a job.

Automated Compliance Reports

HireHive stores the data submitted by your candidates and hiring teams to produce compliance reports. View these reports within HireHive, or export your data into a .csv format.

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Move your candidates through a clear hiring pipeline.

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Add unlimited users to your hiring team for collaborative hiring.

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Analyse reports

Review data and make informed data-driven recruiting decisions.

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