Announcement: We are now in partnership with Staff Squared

Announcement: We are now in partnership with Staff Squared
HireHive Team

HireHive Team


We are thrilled to announce a new strategic partnership between HireHive and Staff Squared. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both our companies as we combine our expertise to offer even greater value to our clients.

About HireHive:

HireHive is a leading recruitment software solution that simplifies the hiring process. Our user-friendly platform helps businesses efficiently attract, manage and hire the best talent. We combine intuitive tech, time-saving analytics, multilingual capabilities, and dedicated human support for smarter, faster hiring. We believe in fair pricing, customer-focused innovation, and the human side of HR.

About Staff Squared:

Staff Squared is a comprehensive, easy-to-use HR system that streamlines your HR processes. Time-consuming, inefficient spreadsheets are replaced by powerful reports that are instantly available and exportable at the click of a button; providing key metrics and HR trends across your business, allowing you to manage everything from holidays, sick leave and lateness, to appraisals, probation and company files in one central and secure location.

Why does this Partnership matter?

The Recruitment landscape is as fast-paced and competitive as it’s ever been, which means efficiency and accuracy in managing the hiring process and employee onboarding is more critical than ever. By integrating HireHive's advanced applicant tracking capabilities with Staff Squared's robust HR management features, we are creating a unified platform that addresses the entire employee lifecycle — from attracting top talent to managing their ongoing development and performance.

What can our customers expect?

To complement this new Partnership we have launched an integration which enables a seamless transition of candidate information captured in HireHive within the hiring process and transferred to Staff Squared for employee onboarding. Within a few clicks, the integration eliminates manual data entry and streamlines the onboarding journey.

Looking Ahead

We believe this partnership will bring substantial benefits to our clients, enhancing both their Recruitment and HR processes. If you are looking to leverage this exciting partnership to optimise your HR and recruitment processes we are dedicated to ensuring a smooth integration, you can book a short call in with the team here

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