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Your full recruitment process in one place

Get the right candidates for your company or agency to help you grow.
Post jobs and manage all your hiring in one place

Find Candidates

Auto-post to job boards & social media

Automatically post jobs to the best free, niche & paid job boards as well as social media to get a wider audience.

Create your own fully hosted careers page

For a quick and easy solution you can use the fully hosted careers page customised with your logo and images, text & videos.

Integrate with your own website

For a more advanced option you can copy and paste the job widget into your own careers page.
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Manage applications

Track applicants

Get a clear view of where your candidates are coming from with our source tracking for every application.

Boost and track employee referrals

The employee referrals portal allows you to boost and manage your employee referrals.

External recruiter portal

Accepting candidates from recruitment/staffing agencies is easy with the specially designed portal for external recruiters.
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Assess candidates

Share candidates with your hiring team

Manage your hiring team and easily share a candidate’s profile with team members.

Interview scheduling

Easily set up phone, online or on-site interviews and invite attendees from across your organisation.

Scorecards and feedback

Keep track of candidate feedback from all team members for informed hiring decisions.
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Analyse reports

Recruiting analytics & detailed reports

Track and analyse all recruiting data within HireHive. Review data and make informed data-driven recruiting decisions.

Social Recruiting Reports and Analytics

HireHive fully tracks the social performance of your job postings on all platforms allowing you to get a full overview of this from your Reports.

Recruitment Compliance Reports

Take manual data entry out of recruiting compliance.
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Everything you need to manage
your recruitment process

Multilingual Hiring

Do you have offices in various locations? HireHive supports companies hiring multilingual people.

Collaborative Hiring Team

Collaborate with your teams by giving them varying levels of access. You can make hiring decisions as a team, anytime.

Custom application process

Each job is different and you require different information to make an informed hiring decision. HireHive application forms can be customised to help you get the most relevant info from each application.

CV/Resume parsing

Need to add a candidate to HireHive? With our 'drag and drop' CV import option you won't have to manually add the candidates data saving you time.

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We work with amazing companies to help them manage their hiring.

We’ve processed over 2 million candidate applications and helped companies hire over 25,000 candidates.

3.5m+ Applications

100k+ Jobs posted

40k Candidates hired

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“HireHive makes the team a lot more productive. We’d be lost without it. Team Leaders can do it all themselves if needed or jump in at the right time and know exactly where everything is and what’s happening.”

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Hilary Dempsey Head of HR at Life Credit union

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