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Reopen Ireland

Reopen Ireland
John Dennehy

John Dennehy


Reopen Ireland is a grassroots initiative to help companies reopen as quickly as possible after lockdown. Companies are encouraged to provide support through whatever means possible to help other companies who have suffered because of Covid. 

Some companies have done well during Covid and some, through no fault of their own, have suffered terribly. The sooner all companies get back to business the better. 

HireHive is now offering any company in Ireland, that was negatively impacted by Covid, unlimited free use of our recruitment software for six months. This will help companies to find and hire the right people to rebuild their business. To take advantage of this offer simply sign up at hirehive.com and enter the voucher code “ReopenIreland”.

How can my company help?

Post your free offer on social media with the hashtag #ReopenIreland.

What can I offer?

Anything that would be genuinely helpful to a company impacted by Covid restrictions. It could be free software, window cleaning, public relations, or whatever will help.

What’s in it for me?

Your company will be contributing to building a healthier economy with more local clients in the long term.

Who is behind the initiative?

There’s no organization or government body behind this. It’s a grassroots campaign without any central organiser. 

Who are we trying to help?

Any company negatively impacted by Covid in any way. Examples include bars, restaurants, hotels, travel and transportation companies, retail etc.

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