Byron Recruitment’s customer story

HireHive is our one-stop shop for recruitment. It helps us control our recruiting needs and activities while saving time, energy and money.

Customer Story Byron Recruitment

Jeff Baggs

Managing Director, Byron Recruitment

I am the Managing Director of Byron Recruitment. We recruit teachers from around the world for jobs with International Schools.

We’ve used HireHive since the day we launched our business. They have been a trusted partner ever since! We love it so much we tell our customers about it! 

HireHive is our one-stop shop for recruitment. It helps us control our recruiting needs and activities while saving time, energy and money. It's taken us from a start-up to an established industry player. It’s a great option for start-ups like us as it’s one of the industry's most cost effective and intuitive Applicant Tracking Systems. 

It’s the first thing I open each morning to see how many people applied to jobs overnight. It’s where I go to create and post new jobs and it’s how we keep track of each individual applicant’s progress from initial interest to physically starting their new job.

Why we use HireHive

It’s intuitive and easy to use. With a few clicks, we were up and running. We didn’t need training or IT support at all. 

Frees up email

As the managing director, I have hundreds of emails daily. Managing recruitment through email is a nightmare. With HireHive, I communicate with candidates there, which makes life easier. 

Automatic posting to major job boards

When I write a job ad, I click a button in HireHive, it’s posted to all major job boards.

Collaborate with colleagues

My colleagues use HireHive too. We share CVs, notes, documents and comments. It simplifies the process as we aren’t relying on emails, excel and pieces of paper. Because it’s so easy to use, I can include other members of the team at any stage. 

Privacy Rules

With HireHive, I don’t need to worry about regulatory compliance laws like GDPR. It looks after it for me. 

Legacy Planning

HireHive is in the cloud, which means all data is stored securely and archived. I use it as a database to store candidate information. If someone applies for a job that they applied for before, I search the database to refer to the previous outcome. 

If a member of my team leaves, the information that they had is stored in HireHive. 

Collects and stores documents

HireHives stores CVs and applications. I don’t have to worry about storage as it’s in the cloud. I don’t need to print CVs as they are in front of me along with the applicant’s information. 

Reach candidates faster

HireHive helps to reach candidates faster, which is important in the current market. The job posts are added to all major job boards. It gets the message out quickly.

Adaptable for different businesses needs

Our hiring process changes depending on the role. For some roles, we screen a CV, Interview and hire candidates. Other roles require questionnaires and a language test. HireHive lets me adapt the process as I need it.

Make better hiring decisions

HireHive’s platform has sections to make notes on the candidate, record feedback. We grade candidates according to the requirements for each role. At a glance, we see how each candidate performed, compared to others. It’s instrumental in making good hiring decisions. 


I value the support the amazing team HireHive provides to our business every day. We rarely have an issue, but when we do they are prompt, helpful and easy to deal with. 

Schedule interviews

All communication with candidates is through HireHive, including scheduling interviews. It integrates with my calendar.


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