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Customer Story: Ben and Katie from Dataspace

Customer Story: Ben and Katie from Dataspace
John Dennehy

John Dennehy


We’re always interested in listening to how HireHive customers use our product. Recently, we caught up Benjamin Taub, CEO; and Katie Mcgill, recruiter, at Dataspace to learn from their experience. Here is what they said about HireHive:

Can you tell us a little bit about Dataspace?
(BT) Dataspace provides consulting, contract staffing, and recruiting services focused on big data and data science professionals. We started about 25 years and are based in Ann Arbor, Michigan about 40 miles outside of Detroit. It’s a really nice town but it’s difficult drawing tech talent.

What size company are you?
(BT) We’ve got four full-time employees, two interns, and between ten and twenty contractors at any given time.

What type of clients do you work with?
(BT) Everything we do is in the big data or analytics realm. We work with clients across the US.

Can you tell us how you managed your recruitment process before you used HireHive?
(BT) I wrote a very clumsy Microsoft Access application. I was loathed to part with it. It did what I needed it to do but we also recognised that we needed more from a functionality point of view. A colleague recommended a competitor of HireHive based out of India. We were going to go with that but then a colleague of Katie’s from a Women in Tech group recommended HireHive. Katie did her research and it turned out really well.

What changed after you started using HireHive?
(KM) Previously we had candidates coming from multiple different sources including Dice and our own web site. Candidates’ details were stored in multiple places making it impossible to have a centralised view of everything.

Was it easy to get started with HireHive?
(KM) It was really easy to get started. That was one of the reasons we went with it.
We were able to just start using it right away. That’s definitely something we appreciated this summer. It took me 10 to 15 minutes to train up new users.

(BT) I was the only one who could use the old system. HireHive allowed us all to work together using the same set of data. Everything is now in one place and we can see where all the candidates are in the pipeline. It’s much easier than having everything in a spreadsheet.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your experience?
(KM) I love your support. They’re very nice and very supportive.
(BT) We absolutely love the product.

Thanks a million to Ben and Katie for sharing their experience with us!

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