Why you should use Indeed to hire

Why you should use Indeed to hire
Rachel Hill

Rachel Hill


Indeed has undoubtedly become the go-to-point for many employers and recruiters, as well as many job seekers. ‘Many’ is an understatement, with 200 million people visiting the site every month. So what does Indeed offer that so many other job boards don’t and why should you be using it? Read on to find out!

Simple to set up and use

Indeed is notoriously easy to set up and use. Even the most technically-challenged can get to grips with this platform in minutes.

Let’s take a quick walk through the process:

Step 1: Create an account
Step 2: Enter job description and relevant job details
Step 3: Post your job
Step 4: Review applications
Step 5: Manage flow of candidates
Step 6: Schedule interviews

And bob's your uncle! It really is that simple.

And better still Indeed fully integrates with HireHive. Once you create a job within HireHive, it posts automatically to Indeed, making your recruitment process even more streamlined and easier to manage. All applications are automatically captured within HireHive and the source of the candidate fully tracked back to Indeed.

Access to a wide candidate base

By posting your vacancies on Indeed, you are reaching a large and varied candidate base. Unlike some other job boards, Indeed is highly inclusive and allows employers of any type to target equally varied candidates. This access to a wide candidate base also ensures you are avoiding bias in your hiring process. If you are using Indeed with HireHive, the applicant never has to leave Indeed to submit their application, as it fully integrates with HireHive. This ensures a pleasant and streamlined candidate experience.

To reach a more passive candidate pool, you can use a tool on Indeed called Indeed CV. This is a talent database that contains millions of job seeker CVs. By using the advanced search tool, you can search for unlimited candidates across every industry and location. If you are a featured employer on Indeed, you can contact candidates for free; if you are not, you will pay $1 each time you contact a candidate through Indeed CV.


As a recruiter, cost is always a consideration and posting jobs shouldn’t break the bank. Indeed is an ideal platform for any recruiter looking to lower costs as it is free to post organic jobs.

To reach even more candidates, you can sponsor your jobs, another cost-effective measure. While other job sites charge a fixed amount per job posting, Indeed implement a pay-for-performance structure, whereby you only pay when you get results. There are also no commitments to long-term contracts.

Indeed is mobile-friendly

According to Glassdoor, 9 in 10 job seekers search for jobs via mobile. So it’s a great thing then that Indeed works on both desktop and mobile! All organic and sponsored jobs posted on Indeed will appear in mobile search results ensuring that job seekers using mobile see your jobs.

The process of applying for jobs is similarly seamless through mobile. With Indeed Apply, job seekers using mobile can apply directly from their mobile devices using Indeed Resume. Applications are sent directly to your Applicant Tracking System or your email if you posted the job directly on Indeed.

You can promote your employer brand

Every employer with jobs on Indeed has a free company page. This page allows you to promote your employer brand and engage more candidates as a result. You should use this page to share information on your values, mission and workplace environment.

Current or former employees can also review your page, giving potential candidates a more in depth insight into your organisation. Online reviews massively impact perceptions of your organisation, so reviews can be a great way to encourage candidates to apply for your jobs.

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