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Top Recruiting Messaging Tips for Employers

Top Recruiting Messaging Tips for Employers
HireHive Team

HireHive Team


Attracting top talent means having the systems in place to create a strong candidate experience. That includes the methods and messages with which you communicate. Today’s job seekers, increasingly make up of GenZ and Millennials, are now more connected to technology than any previous generation. That means to stay competitive and find candidates where they are, you will need to be on top of the latest strategies. 

The entire hiring process should include clear communication, and for many steps along the way, messaging via text or email is expected and encouraged. How should you compose your recruitment messages to attract and engage incoming candidates?

Top 10 Tips for Composing Recruitment Messages to Candidates 

If you want to improve your recruitment messaging for candidates, here are the top 10 tips to consider. 

Embrace Digital Messaging

The first step to effective communication is embracing digital platforms. While many people still love phone calls and face-to-face networking, the world is moving fast, and online messaging is far and away the most effective tool. 86% of job seekers with smartphones use their devices to manage their hunt

Provide an Introduction

However, there is an art for sending text-based messages about jobs. Job seekers are just as frustrated by unsolicited texts as anyone else, so be sure to communicate clearly why your message is different. Include who you are, who you work for, and a little information about the job. 

Be Transparent

While levels of transparency will be less in a short text message, it’s also important to be clear and honest with potential candidates at this stage. Learning more about transparency in recruitment will help the entire process. 

Encourage Conversation

Here is where online conversations can take on a life of their own, usually in a good way. While some job seekers won’t want to be inundated with messages, others may have additional questions before submitting their resumes. Some companies are utilizing chatbots to assist with engaging in conversations to answer commonly asked questions. 

Keep it Short

For practical advice on your text messages, it’s also essential that they are short. No one wants to or can read several paragraphs on their phones. You can always point them to a web resource for more information. 

Make it Simple

We all know that communication is difficult in short form texts, so don’t exacerbate the situation. Keep your messages short but enticing to help someone decide to reach out for more information. 

Personalise the Message

If you want to engage a potential candidate, make sure the message is personalised. Today’s technology makes it easy to add a personalised greeting to every message. The recipient will see that it’s intended for them and not just a general group text.  

Use a Call to Action

The purpose of any recruitment text message is to get a potential candidate to make it to the next step of the process. You should always include a call to action. They may visit your website to access the online application or scheduling an interview, depending on the purpose of your message. 

Know When to Escalate Communication

Sometimes you will need to learn when to take the conversation out of text and move into other avenues of communication. While text messaging can save you time and resources, there will always be a need to move to the next stage.

Track Messages

Of course, one of the best advantages of utilizing digital communications is tracking the results. You can review the performance of any given text campaign to see what messages work and how to improve for the future. 

Examples of Personalised Messages from Recruiters 

Now that you have some tips in your back pocket, how can you put them into action? Here are some examples of the best recruiting contact messages to consider. 

Gauging Candidate Interest

Hi [Candidate Name}, it’s [your name] from [company name]. We have a client located in [city] with an opening for [job title]. Would you be interested in learning more? If so, I can share details. 

Once they respond they are interested, link them to the job description and online application. 

Invitation for Interview

Hi [candidate name], it’s [your name from your company] again. I have exciting news. Our client is interested in setting up an interview for the [job title] position. Let us know your availability. 

Often, this message will be accompanied by a scheduling tool so they can input their availability and you can finalize the meeting. 

Information on Next Steps

You may also find yourself needing to update candidates if there are changes in the schedule, jobs are put on hold, or something else has changed. It can read something like: 

Hi [candidate name], it’s [your name from your company] again. I just needed to let you know a quick update on the job. We’re waiting for the company to get back to us with more information and will be in touch as soon as possible. 

Interview Follow Up

Following up after a job interview is essential for you to gauge their interest and get meaningful feedback. 

Hi [candidate name], it’s [your name from company] just following up on your recent interview. We hope it went well and would love to hear your thoughts. Looking forward to hearing back. 

Candidate Reconnection

Previous candidates are often an excellent resource for future jobs. If you want to reconnect with a potential candidate, try a text like this: 

Hi [candidate name] it’s [your name from company]. We spoke before about a position, and I wanted to reach out again because I have a new opportunity that I believe would be a great fit. Let me know if you’re interested in learning more. 

Conclusion: Automating Your Recruitment Messaging 

Switching to digital messaging for recruitment is the wave of the future. Many candidates today conduct their entire job search from their smartphones. If you don’t meet them where they are, you’ll find yourself missing out on top talent. 

But you don’t have to do it alone. Platforms like HireHive offer the ability to send personalised messages to candidates with just the click of a button. 

We help busy people hire great people. 

More than 1 million candidates from around the world have applied to companies through the HireHive Recruiting software. 

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