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Making use of company culture when recruiting

Making use of company culture when recruiting
Orla Hodnett

Orla Hodnett


Company culture might be the key to making effective hires. How can you incorporate culture in your recruiting efforts and how can recruiting software help?

Culture is a huge influencing factor in recruiting and recruiting strategy. Millennials are known to prefer a strong, positive company culture over a higher salary. Integrating your company's culture and benefits into your recruiting strategy is key. Here are a few ways you can include company culture in your recruiting efforts:

Employee testimonials or day in the life

Nobody knows what your team needs better than your existing team, so including them in your recruiting projects is a very effective strategy. Your existing teammates and employees will be able to make your office environment and culture clearly understood.

One effective way that your team can help you demonstrate your culture to potential hires is by putting together employee testimonials. Whether written or video accounts, these explainers from your team will help candidates understand your culture and the role.

Recruiting or industry events are a great way to exchange ideas and to hear about new trends in your industry


Recruiting or industry events are a great way to exchange ideas and to hear about new trends in your industry. Your culture and the way you work will be easy to demonstrate in an environment where there is face to face contact.

Events are a way of bringing potential passive candidates into your organisation and to hopefully appeal to them with an engaging, positive employer culture. Again your existing team can help you here to demonstrate your culture and your motivations as an organisation.

Careers site

A dedicated careers site is an essential feature of any recruiting strategy. It is often the first point of contact that your candidates will use. It is an excellent source of information about your company, culture, industry, and of course, any open roles.

A dedicated careers site is a great way of clearly stating your organisation's culture, as well as benefits and perks that reinforce that culture. Recruiting software tools like HireHive make it easy to generate a custom careers site.

What you stand for as a company is the keystone of your company's culture

Mission statement

What you stand for as a company is the keystone of your company's culture. Clearly stating what you want to achieve and, particularly how you want to achieve it will help candidates to understand if they are a good match.

Again your careers site is a great way of sharing this information with potential candidates. Along with a mission statement, you can share some of your values as an organisation with potential applicants. If you like to do charity work as a team or have a green office policy, make sure to share that aspect of your culture.

Recruitment marketing

Any recruitment marketing materials you have should clearly state your company's culture and ambitions. This will help to put a structure on your recruitment marketing strategy. It will also help you to target your ideal candidates in a simple way.

Your recruitment marketing materials can include some of the elements outlined above, like a company mission statement or employee testimonial. Such elements make a strong impact quickly. And being able to quickly communicate your culture is key.

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