Voltedge’s customer story

Voltedge is a long-time HireHive customer. We spoke to Fredericka Sheppard about why she enjoys using HireHive.

Customer Story Voltedge

Fredericka Sheppard

Co-founder and joint Managing Director, Voltedge

Why did you need ATS?

As well as using HireHive to manage all of our own recruitment needs, we use HireHive to manage the recruitment projects we look after for our clients.

It means we have a system that provides a single location to manage our projects and enables us to collaborate easily with our clients on all recruitment projects.

Why did you choose HireHive?

We looked at a lot of the systems in the market. When we came across HireHive, its structure and ease of use impressed us. It is well designed and doesn’t need any complex set up. It’s very user-friendly and cost-effective for businesses. Even if you are only hiring a few roles per year or have larger headcount needs, HireHive has bundles that work well with your needs.

What problems does HireHive solve for Voltedge?

It helps us hire a diverse number of roles for ourselves and our clients. It enables us to offer our clients a recruitment solution that provides:

  • Full visibility of candidate activity.
  • Access to recruitment social media platforms.
  • A communications portal all in a single location.

How much more productive does it make your team?

The ability to share information and collaborate both internally and externally within the system significantly reduces the time needed to manage a recruitment campaign.

It removes the search in email for candidate information and feedback on interviews because it’s saved in the system. And it is GDPR compliant, which is great!

What do you like about HireHive?

It is very easy to navigate and use, and the support provided by the HireHive team is excellent.

How cost-effective is it?

The system is highly cost-effective. We maximise the use of our allocated job slots and, if required, it allows us to increase our slots for short periods of time.

How does HireHive affect the candidate's experience?

The system enables us to send all candidates automated messages, which reassures them that their applications have been successfully received. It ensures that all correspondence is kept in the one place so messages aren’t lost in an inbox and candidates can be easily communicated with. I really love the way you can schedule interviews with all parties and the candidates via the system – that’s a real plus!

Did it take you long to get HireHive up and running in Voltedge?

We were up and running within a few hours after deciding to engage. We’ve been using it for six years now and haven’t looked back.

How long did it take you to get used to it?

HireHive is straightforward, so once we worked on a few roles, it was very intuitive. Our knowledge grows as functionality increases. It’s not a complex system. That’s one of the nice aspects of it!

Were there any challenges with HireHive? How did we solve them?

Naturally, over the years we encountered different things. But we always received very prompt support from the team at HireHive. They even took on board some ideas and suggestions. We had a super users’ view of the system. That’s a great testament to their customer engagement!

What do you like about working with HireHive’s team?

It's such a lovely system to use. It’s simple, easy to use and does what you expect from an ATS. The team is very responsive when there is a query or we need any additional slots in a hurry.

What kind of people/companies should use HireHive?

I think it's possible for all size companies to use it. The bundles are very flexible so if you only have a handful of roles in a year or have 50+ the system offers you a package that fits!

What is Voltedge?

Voltedge is an innovative HR consultancy business providing Outsourced HR services to clients across a wide range of sectors. We operate as a HR Business Partner for companies.


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