NGT’s customer story

NGT is a fast growing, startup based in Georgia. They chose HireHive as their ATS early in 2021. David explains what he likes about it.

Customer Story NGT

David Khosiashvili


Why did you need ATS?

We are a fast-growing company and frequently recruit new team members. Before HireHive, we got CVs from candidates by email and processed them manually.

Why did you choose HireHive?

We saw some Georgian companies using HireHive (namely Bank of Georgia.) We were interested and discovered that the applicant tracking process could be much easier for us. We tested the functionality in a free trial and quickly decided to deploy it.

How much time did it take you to get HireHive up and running in your company?

It took one day to prepare email templates, apply our branding, and we were ready to use it. After a few days, our HR team was well used to it.

What problems does HireHive solve for NGT?

  • It improves the candidate's experience.
  • We get structured info of the applicant.
  • It makes it easy and transparent to manage the hiring process.
  • HireHive makes collaboration easier, as colleagues log into the same portal and see all the information at the touch of a button.
  • Reports are useful to track engagement and conversion per vacancy, as well as tracking the most successful candidate sources.
  • Our hiring process is much more effective and productive, thanks to HireHive.

What do you like about HireHive?

HireHive is simple and easy to use. It’s very affordable for smaller companies like ours. It saves a lot of time, so it’s well worth the low price. It makes us look more professional to candidates.

What kind of people/companies should use HireHive?

It can be used by any company, especially small and medium ones, who do not have a dedicated HRM system with ATS inside.

What is NGT?

NGT is a group of IT companies working in the Georgian market since 2007. We operate in customer experience management, hospital information systems, homeland security, digital signatures, business intelligence solutions and robotic processes automation fields.


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