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How work-life balance/flexibility impacts recruiting

How work-life balance/flexibility impacts recruiting
Orla Hodnett

Orla Hodnett


Achieving work-life balance in your organisation is essential if you want to attract top talent. Flexibility and policies that support work-life balance can totally change the way you recruit.

Using recruiting software like HireHive can revolutionise the way you recruit. But if you do not have strong basic policies, no number of tools can help. Improved work-life balance has been one of the most significant trends in HR in recent years, so it should feature strongly in any recruiting marketing materials or job postings.

An impressive workplace wellbeing policy or flexibility in the working week can help you to attract talent you might not otherwise have been able to reach. Here are just a few ways how such policies can impact the way you recruit.

May attract talent at geographical remove

If you can offer a candidate the option to work remotely, you may be able to attract talent you would not otherwise have been able to, as you offer greater flexibility than other larger organisations. Candidates with the skill sets you need may also be at a geographical remove from you, so remote work will help you meet your needs.

Candidates looking for improved flexibility or the ability to work on their terms will see a definite appeal in an organisation that supports that. So your organisation will be far more competitive if you can offer innovative working terms.

A strong workplace culture does much of your recruitment marketing for you

Improving your employer brand

A strong workplace culture does much of your recruitment marketing for you. Having workplace that fosters a work-life balance or allows for flexibility will help you secure top talent. Global organisations that have communicated clearly their company culture have become difficult to beat in the war for talent.

As frequently cited, millennials are willing to take a favourable company culture over a higher salary, so clearly stating what you stand for as an organisation is essential. If your organisation currently offers any flexibility or or can cater to the needs of an individual candidate, make it known.

Employee referrals

Employee referrals are widely acknowledged to be one of the most effective means of hiring. They ensure improved rates of retention and are a more cost-effective means of hiring. As well as that, your existing team knows exactly what your organisation needs. If your organisation offers a flexible, supportive workplace, word will spread quickly.

Your recruiting efforts can greatly benefit from the involvement of your team and their extended network of contacts. If you can offer an improved work environment, with more favourable terms, you employees will be eager to share the secret with friends.


Flexibility definitely helps to maintain diversity rates and helps to support working parents. Being perceived as an organisation that supports this is essential to your recruiting efforts and your branding efforts.

Diversity means more than just ensuring that you attract top talent. There are many compliance and regulatory reasons to ensure you achieve diversity in your team, so flexibility and work-life balance pays.

A productive, relaxed team will help you maintain good retention rates

Work-life balance improves productivity

Naturally enough, employees who experience low stress and good general wellbeing in the workplace are more productive. Helping your employees to achieve the work-life balance they are looking for will in turn foster a productive, happy team.

A productive, relaxed team will help you maintain good retention rates and appeal to candidates with shared values. Achieving work-life balance is being more productive, therefore requiring less time in the office. Therefore, being able to demonstrate how your team makes this work is important in any recruiting efforts.

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