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Why your workspace is important

Why your workspace is important
Orla Hodnett

Orla Hodnett


The office environment can drastically impact the way you work and even your ability to appeal to candidates. What can you do to create the right atmosphere for work?

Your office and desk spaces are key parts of your working environment. They can impact your team’s culture, productivity and efficiency, as well as their general wellbeing at work. As well as that, it can influence how you appeal to candidates. Exactly what about the layout or contents of your office can change the way your employees work?

How your office can impact employer branding

Everyone has office envy. Organizations like Google have an infamous reputation for out-of-this world office spaces that reflect their culture. Even a pool or air hockey table is enough to inspire jealousy. These stunning office spaces work fantastically as recruitment marketing - who would not want to work in an exciting office space?

When building an employer brand, you can pull from various aspects of your organization's work and achievements. Why not draw on where you work? A unique office space is a great, if a little bit superficial, way of attracting talent. If given a choice, a prospective candidate will want an attractive workspace.

It is good to have a defined workplace

No matter what activity you are undertaking, it is great to have all the tools you need at hand. If you are cooking, you will have all of your ingredients prepared and tools laid out. If you like to run, you will lay out your gear the night before any morning run. The workplace is obviously no different.

By having a defined workplace, it is much easier to focus and get down to the task at hand. It helps get employees into the right headspace to work. A quiet, relaxed office environment can support this and this can be achieved by modifying the office layout.

When differing ideas come together, innovation happens

It can motivate collaboration and innovation

Everyone gets a little nervous if they have to knock on their manager’s door. An open office floor can help overcome that, as well as motivating more communication and interaction. If your office space allows employees to come together, that will certainly bring about increased collaboration and innovation. When differing ideas come together, innovation happens.

An open, sharing team can be facilitated by the right office environment. Even office features and tools like breakout spaces or whiteboards can accommodate the sharing of great ideas between colleagues and can help flesh new concepts out. If your organization builds a reputation for fostering new ideas and innovation, you are sure to attract great talent.

A simple and clutter-free office can make a world of difference

It can impact efficiency

Disorganisation can make a simple task take hours. You think you might have saved that spreadsheet somewhere else. You thought you put the candidate records in one filing cabinet, but found it two hours later in another. Needless to say, a little organization in your office can impact your team’s efficiency.

A simple and clutter-free office can make a world of difference. It can increase productivity, focus and efficiency in your team. In fact, clutter can impact productivity by up to 13.5%. With a little organization, time-wasting can be minimized where possible.

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