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Why you need a custom careers site

Why you need a custom careers site
Orla Hodnett

Orla Hodnett


With HireHive a custom careers site is easy to set up. Here are just a few of the reasons you should set up a custom careers site.

A careers site is often the first thing that prospective candidates will look for and for that reason your careers site should make an impression. Job boards are a useful resource, but a custom careers site is hard to compete with.

Tools like HireHive allow you to put together a custom careers site with minimal effort, but why do you need a custom careers site? Here are five ways a custom careers site can change the way you recruit.

A careers site is often the first point of reference for anyone seeking a role at your company

Employer brand

A strong employer brand is essential in asserting your organisation’s status in the marketplace. Your brand may be stronger and more effective than any recruiting campaign. Building an employer brand is part of the long game and requires input from your whole team, but a careers site can help influence how your company is perceived.

A careers site is often the first point of reference for anyone seeking a role at your company, so it is a great opportunity to insure the information they get about your company is authentic and representative. If a candidate responds well to your brand and how you work, the likelihood of a good culture match is high.

Advertising your company's culture and benefits

An attractive company culture and benefits are both important and ever growing facets of your recruiting strategy. Millennial candidates will often choose a positive company culture over higher salary. Therefore, advertising your company's culture is an essential part of any recruitment marketing campaign.

A custom careers site allows you to clearly state what your company wants to achieve and how they want to achieve it. A careers site is an essential resource for applicants wanting to learn about your organisation. As well as culture, you should advertise the benefits on offer, no matter how big or small.

A custom careers site can be a vehicle for giving insights about your workplace

What's it like to work at your organisation?

Not knowing the team dynamic or approach to work at an organisation can be a source of anxiety for anyone about to start a new job. If there turns out to be a cultural mismatch, it's bad for the candidate, your organisation and your brand. How can this be avoided?

A custom careers site can be a vehicle for giving insights about your workplace. A day in the life content or employee testimonials are both effective ways of helping applicants understand your workplace.

Data and insights

A custom careers site will offer huge insight into your successes and failures. Knowing where things went right or wrong in a recruiting campaign is invaluable for any projects going forward. A custom careers site is the easiest way to get data on your hiring efforts.

Recruiting software tools like HireHive allow you to generate your own custom careers site. The tool will process all the applications you receive. You will then get insight into the types of applicants that are engaging with your organisation.

Customisation and management

You'll want your jobs to be easy to find and application processes to be straightforward, so having control over your careers site makes a huge difference to user experience. Deciding how and when you advertise your jobs helps you to optimise your recruiting project.

The ability to manage your careers site as you would like is one distinct advantage of the kind of custom careers site that HireHive can generate. Findability and user experience should be prioritized to ensure candidates do not abandon any applications.

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