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Why remote work is becoming more popular

Why remote work is becoming more popular
Rachel Hill

Rachel Hill


The 9-5, 40 hour week still exists in many companies, but more and more companies are moving towards a remote work policy. Usually, this gives employees the option to work remotely and from the office, when it suits them best. While the remote work trend does not suit every business, it does suit those in tech-reliant sectors.

To facilitate this growing trend, a number of remote work dedicated job boards have sprouted. These include,, and, which feature everything from administration to marketing jobs.

So why are employees and employers attracted to this remote work trend? See also some examples of companies adopting this trend.;

1. Flexibility

Today's workers demand flexibility. Millennials want the flexibility to work and travel, while a parent with 3 kids may want to work from home twice a week. Remote work affords people the option to tailor their work hours in accordance with their lifestyle - not the other way around.

This flexibility benefits employers also. Remote work saves companies money on in-house facilities and internet costs. Employees working on their own terms are also happier and more likely to remain in a company.

remote work

Image: The remote team at Hotjar at their bi-annual meet up in the Meditteranean.

2. Increased productivity

Believe it or not, some people find working remotely more productive. Commuting for example, can add extra stress to people's days, so working from home can eradicate this feeling. There are also many distractions at work that hinder productivity. These include gossip, impromptu meetings and music in the background.

In an experiment by Nicholas Bloom, remote workers worked 9.5 % longer and were 13% more productive. More productive employees can also equal increased sales for a company. By using the best technology and having a plan in place, this remote, productivity dream can become a reality.

remote work

Image: Design company Canva have a number of remote work options available

3. Reach top talent

As employers, you may find reaching top talent near your area difficult. By offering remote work options, you have more opportunities to garner top talent. This option works particularly well if you are seeking high-in-demand technical staff.

The option to work remote may also suit much of this top talent. Young, but skilled graduates may not have enough funds to move to a large city, so remote work allows them to save more money. If an opportunity arises where these remote workers can move on site, they will be in a much better position to do so.

remote work

Image: Project Management company Trello has a workforce where 65% work remotely

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