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Where do the best candidates come from?

Where do the best candidates come from?
Orla Hodnett

Orla Hodnett


Knowing where your best candidates are looking for roles is a key part of the puzzle in recruiting. With the broad range of possibilities open to a recruiter, it can be very tough to know where to stretch, or to know which will offer you the best return on investment.

Which resources are worth spending your time on?

While a good mix is always a good idea, with a little social media mixed with referrals, or job boards mixed with search engines, you should focus your efforts in a sensible way. So which resources are worth spending your time on?

Job boards

Job boards are among the most popular and simplest means of advertising jobs online. Over 40% of applications will come from such sources. But how effective are they? They are certainly simple to do and your recruiting software will help you push to various sources simultaneously.

Only around 17% of hires will come from applications via job boards. Though you may be getting greater volumes from job boards, they may not be meeting your requirements. They are still immensely popular and will help you meet a wide audience, so maybe you should not disregard them right away.

Your company’s careers site will be the first port of call for any interested applicants

Careers sites

Your company’s careers site will be the first port of call for any interested applicants. It is the most obvious source for any jobs news or insight into culture at your organisation. It is easy to believe that 34% of applications will come through your careers site.

Careers sites offer a pretty good return, with about 22% of successful hires coming from your company's site. Recruiting tools like HireHive help you to easily and quickly put a careers page together so that no candidate gets missed.


Candidates will often put word out to their friends and network if they are looking for a new position and if you have a referrals program in place, you can easily capitalise on this. Referrals are quick and inexpensive to hire. As well as that, they often have higher retention rates.

Though referrals make up a much smaller percentage of applications, around 37% of of those applications will result in hires. Though volumes are much lower, they are of a significantly higher quality. Your recruiting software will help you keep your referrals program constantly ticking over.

By using online recruiting software, you can make the job of determining what advertising tools are most effective. As applications come in, data can be compiled on where exactly your candidates are coming from.

Tools like HireHive can help you refine your recruiting efforts, so that you are keeping your costs per hire and time per hire as low as possible. Recruiting software will help you to keep your efforts focused where they need to be.

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