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So what exactly is Recruiting Software?

So what exactly is Recruiting Software?
Siobhan Hasner

Siobhan Hasner


You can post all your jobs, manage applications, collaborate with your team and track all applications in one place. It is now part of the recruiting process that relationships with candidates need to be built over a 3 to 6 month period before a hire takes place. Without an effective way of tracking this relationship, companies can end up paying significant money in recruitment advertising/fees to hire new employees.

Recruiting Software – the basics

  • Resume database
  • Conversation tracking
  • Candidate tagging
  • Recruitment process and stage tracking
  • Activity tracking
  • Resume search/keyword search
  • Notes

Effective use of your Recruiting Software will lead to significant increases in the overall productivity of your hiring team.  As effective recruitment is reliant on the administration of the system by your hiring team, HireHive focuses on simplifying the administration process. This ensures continuity of the quality of data available in your recruiting system without being time consuming.

Mapping your recruitment process

It is important to understand your recruitment process before selecting your Recruiting Software. This ensures the process is maintained by the use of new software. HireHive allows you to create your own custom recruiting process with the use of ‘custom recruiting statuses’ e.g. Skype Interview, Interview with Head of Sales. By using this functionality, your team is encouraged to stick to the most important aspects of the recruiting process. Your custom process statuses then create filters within your database allowing you to quickly identify suitable candidates for future reference.

Job Boards

Job Boards are still a hugely important channel for your jobs. Recruiting Software should allow you to easily publish your jobs to major job boards and job aggregators. HireHive also provides additional intelligence through the reporting function. This enables you to identify the channels that receive the most and also the most relevant applications.

Social media integration

Social media is a great way to send your job to a wider network. As social media is the consumption of information, your job postings to this channel must have information that is worth consuming or sharing for your target audience. If you are consistently publishing jobs without providing regular, updated and shareable content, these postings may be wasted. In this case view the channel as a search engine and add keywords to your posts that may be searched.

Accelerate your social media recruiting campaigns through advertising. This requires you to step back and ensure that you can convert job views to applicants. Your recruiting software must be mobile enabled to acquire candidates on social media. 90% of Facebook users log in on mobile devices while 85% of Twitter users log in via mobile. Legacy recruiting software systems have struggled to solve this problem. With approximately 50% of job views now on mobile devices, the number is much too large to alienate these candidates.

The HireHive jobs plugin for your website automatically shows the mobile application form for mobile devices to ensure you can effectively reach these candidates.

Important considerations when choosing recruiting software

  • Frictionless application process for candidates
  • Integration with Social Media and job board posting
  • Customisable careers site
  • Candidate tagging
  • Communication tracking
  • Rating system
  • Easy to use interface to encourage engagement across teams
  • Website Integration
  • User reporting
  • Candidate conversion funnel reporting

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