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The importance of tracking recruiting data

The importance of tracking recruiting data
Orla Hodnett

Orla Hodnett


Recruiting data is the key to making efficient and effective hires. Recruiting software will help you gather and learn from these insights.

It goes without saying that tracking data in your recruiting projects is an absolute must. Active and future projects can benefit from any information you gather. In addition to that, data gathering helps to keep you compliant with labour and data protections laws. Here are just a few of the reasons you should be tracking your recruiting data.


Non-compliance with labour and employment laws could lead to serious penalties, as well as impacting your employer brand. Legal regulations vary by region, but not being able to justify recruiting decisions or being unable to provide supporting evidence could end in investigation or prosecution.

Good record keeping is the easiest way of avoiding this. Recruiting software tools like HireHive make tracking recruiting analytics and data easy and helps you to keep the data you need securely on record. Most regulations have a fixed timeframe that you need to retain data for, so it is great to know all you need is to hand, if ever requested.

Being able to leverage data on your activities will give you a significant edge on the competition

Data-driven decisions in future projects

Big data is the most significant technology trend in recent years. Its impact can be felt in every industry imaginable and this trend is going absolutely nowhere. Being able to leverage data on your activities will give you a significant edge on the competition, as well as potentially saving time, effort, and money.

Keeping track of on going projects and determining where weaknesses and strengths are will help future recruiting strategy. Recruiting tools help you to determine time to hire, application volumes and where your applicants are coming from. With HireHive you can generate reports on your activities at the push of a button for any analysis or planning.

Data protection laws

Data protection laws are constantly evolving and changing, so it's important to understand these changes to remain compliant. The European Union is introducing significant change in the coming weeks in the form of the GDPR. This regulation strengthens the data protection rights of the individual and places increased responsibilities on organisations holding data.

With this burden of proof being placed on organisations, those in recruiting must be acutely aware of their responsibilities. You must be able to prove that you are only using data for the purposes it was provided, you must delete data if a candidate requests so, and you must retain data securely. Using recruiting software will help you manage all this varying aspects from one location.

Having data on your efforts will help you manage your projects

Current recruiting projects

Understanding fully where you are in a recruiting project and having a good overview is essential to efficient hiring. You know the targets you need to meet and you know the numbers of applicants you need, so having these insights in real time is essential. Having data on your efforts will help you manage your projects.

HireHive can give you an overview of your ongoing projects, offering insight on applications, applicants and the overall process. Data can be effectively leveraged on the fly, as well as in retrospect.

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