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Sourcing Strategies to Get More Candidates in 2023

Sourcing Strategies to Get More Candidates in 2023
HireHive Team

HireHive Team


We are in an unprecedented era of hiring. Even while facing a potential economic downturn, the Great Resignation of 2021 and 2022 created a marketplace where there are still more jobs than qualified candidates. Now that 2023 is in full swing, how do we create a sourcing and recruitment strategy that matches the employment climate? 

Here are a few trends you should know and strategies to incorporate into your sourcing and hiring process. 

What do today's global employers need to know about recruitment strategies that can manifest excellent candidates? There are a few trends that will influence processes moving forward. Consider the following ideas when planning recruitment this year. 

Shifting Priorities 

Pivoting is the word of the year for 2023. Job seekers and employers alike will need to adjust throughout the process. Hiring managers struggle to know where to focus attention, and prioritization will be critical. For candidates, reassessing career goals opens up new future opportunities. 

More Job Flexibility 

The return to the office has been a big topic of discussion. Some big names demand remote employees return to the workplace, which has caused controversy. But fewer workers are willing to make these sacrifices long term. Companies that offer work-from-home or hybrid arrangements are sourcing more talent. 

Embracing Work/Life Balance 

Remote work is just a piece of the work/life balance puzzle. Employees have long been worried that the attention paid to increasing employee satisfaction hasn't been genuine. Younger millennials and Generation Z have different perspectives and feel employers don't own their time. Employment is a business transaction providing skills in exchange for a salary. Offering more balance will help attract candidates. 

Data-Driven Recruitment 

We live in an era of big data, and recruiting is driven by numbers. Companies have the available data to evaluate their budgets, performance metrics, and strategies in real time and use that information to create long-term recruitment plans. Tracking data for current and incoming employees will help drive hiring in times of uncertainty. 

Real-World Ideas to Implement in 2023 

Incorporating recruitment and employment trends to create ideas for hiring new talent is imperative in 2023. Keeping the landscape in mind, there are many creative ways to source candidates this year. Consider adding these innovative ideas to your recruitment plan. 

Creative and Non-Traditional Sourcing

Thinking outside the box has been a hallmark of the industry for many years. Connecting with talent is no different. Candidates aren't only finding jobs through postings online; there are infinite ways to connect. Two of the best tools are: 

  • Videos: video content is leading the way online. Streaming on YouTube or creating short-form videos on TikTok or Instagram will help connect your employer brand to potential candidates. Share your company's culture and showcase why someone might want to consider working with you. 
  • Podcasts: podcasts began as an alternative to radio shows that were freely available via the internet. It's never been easier to start one. Free or small subscription tools exist to do your recording entirely online. You can create a podcast about your business that give listeners new ideas to think about when searching for a job. 

Encourage Your Current Team Members to Assist

Your current team is your best resource for showcasing your employer brand. Ask your employees to assist in the hiring process by pairing them with prospects to answer questions and provide details about the organization. This is much less formal than an interview and can be used later in the process when you've narrowed down your top candidates. 

Attend More Events, Fewer Job Fairs 

In the past, job fairs were a significant resource for hiring, but in today's virtually connected world, they're becoming less relevant. Attending more events, such as conferences or virtual networking, is a better way to source talent. Always be ready to ask for referrals to people in your industry whenever you're participating in networking. 

Host a Virtual Open-House 

Inviting potential candidates into your workplace can help give them a perspective before applying. Hosting a virtual open house can allow applicants to learn about the culture from members of your team and branded presentations. You can include fun activities in breakout rooms or a Q&A session. 

Improve Onboarding 

While you need to focus on sourcing top talent, you also need to turn your attention to retention. Once you bring someone on board, you must provide the proper support and tools to keep them engaged and productive. This is why onboarding is critical

Create an onboarding program that works for virtual and in-office employees once they accept the job offer. 

  • Provide orientation paperwork and e-signature options before the start date 
  • Arrange for new employee workspaces or employer-provided tech at home
  • Introduce them to the team on the first day in person or through a video conference
  • Discuss the company's vision, mission, and values regularly 
  • Train employees on your technology, tools, and expectations
  • Provide regular feedback and encourage open communication 
  • Encourage mentorships 

Employees with a good onboarding program are more likely to develop employer loyalty and feel supported in their positions. 

Gleen Info from Exit Interviews

Exit interviews are another tool to help you use the information you gather to improve sourcing and hiring. When someone provides a resignation, you can determine if there are any things your organization can improve to prevent more turnover in the future. Always schedule the exit interview with a neutral third party who is not the employee's direct supervisor. 

Use an ATS Like HireHive

An applicant tracking system can provide you with additional insights as you search for candidates who match the skills and background of each job. 

With more competition for top talent, it pays for companies to consider all their advantages and the use of tools to assist in the quest to find talent. HireHive helps busy people hire great people. You can post jobs, streamline your online application process, improve the candidate experience, and tap into vast global networks by having your entire recruitment process in one place. 

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