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Our look back 2018

Our look back 2018
Maelle De Francesco

Maelle De Francesco


2018 was a very busy year for the HireHive team as we had a lot of changes happening in the Hive. With the year coming to an end, it’s time for our look back of the year!

The first big change that happened in 2018 for us is that we officially became HireHive. Before January 2018, we were under the name of our parent company, Assembly Point. 2018 was the year where HireHive became a standalone company. Yay!

On the team side...

A lot of things also happened in the Hive in 2018. First of all, it was time for a big move, so we moved office! Some members of our team decided to move across the street (literally) and join a co-working space. Why? We are lucky enough to have jobs that allow us to work from everywhere. We just need a laptop and wifi and we’re good to go! Having a desk in a co-working space also allows us to meet new companies and expand our network. For us, this space is Republic of Work, in Cork, Ireland. Having other great companies around us helps keep us motivated!

Big moves

And talking about a big move... One of our team members also had a big change this year, as she moved from Ireland to Italy! That implied a few changes in the way we work as a team, but we love challenges! Nothing is impossible, and as long as you find ways to keep communicating with your team it doesn’t matter if you work far away from your co-workers. We've really started to become a global team that can work from anywhere. So stay tuned for a few new articles on how to improve work-life balance and flexibility in your company, as we definitely have experience and plenty of tips to share!


Another highlight of 2018 was our trip to the Web Summit in Lisbon. It was the first time we attended the Web Summit as a team. In addition, it was a good team bonding exercise for us, and a great way to see our colleagues in another environment.


In 2018 we were also shortlisted for the HR Leadership and Management Awards 2018, in the HR Supplier of the Year category! Although we didn't win, we were delighted to be shortlisted as it is a big achievement. We are now getting ready for 2019, wish us luck!

And finally, Capterra featured us in their Top 20 Most User-Friendly ATS (we are 3rd!) and in it's Top 20 Most Affordable ATS (we got the first place for this one) for the second year running. This is a big achievement for us. We are really proud of all the work that has been done in HireHive to make those lists.

On the development side...

New features

We also made a lot of changes to our software, starting with our GDPR compliance features!  As you probably all know already, 2018 brought a big change in terms of personal data. On May 25th, 2018, the new European General Data Protection Regulation was implemented. Although we've always been fully compliant with European data protection laws, as a data processor, we had to make sure that our platform was compliant with these new regulations. We also went a step further and help our customers become compliant with their recruitment data by creating a new set of features. This was extremely important to us, as one of the main European ATS providers we completely understand the challenge that GDPR can represent for recruiters. In the second half of the year, those GDPR features became a very attractive advantage for companies all over Europe. This was obviously a huge challenge for the HireHive team too. We had to consult extensively with legal entities to make sure we were providing our customers with the best features to be compliant with their recruitment data.

We also created other new features - starting with a new interview scheduling tool. This had been highly requested by our customers. The goal was to further integrate the interviewing process into HireHive, allow users to connect their calendars (Google or Outlook) to their account in order to make it easier for them to see their availabilities to book interviews. This cut down on time spent checking calendars, checking hiring manager availability and we have had super positive feedback on this new feature.

New integrations

On the development side, we were also busy creating an Expert job integration option, our new API. This API allows users to integrate HireHive to their own careers site while fully preserving the design and the branding of the careers site.

And last but not least...2018 was the year of our first external integration! We started looking at integrating new products with HireHive, to make it easier for our customers to connect all their tools in one place. We already had this with job boards and social media but now we looked at other tools. The first one was launched a few months ago: Indeed Assessments! We were excited to release it as our customers had highly requested it. It helps companies assess candidates as part of their recruitment process and truly find the right match for their role. We're busy working on lots of new integrations for 2019!

We hope you had a great 2018, here's to 2019 and may it bring a lot of successes!

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