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Innovative Recruitment Apps for 2020

Innovative Recruitment Apps for 2020
HireHive Team

HireHive Team


Back in 2017, we shared this post of apps that helped shape the future of the recruitment industry. We’re grateful that the article still shows up on the first page of Google when you search for recruiting apps, but we also know that the industry is changing rapidly and some information may be a little outdated. We thought we would revisit these apps and check out a few more to give you insight on the evolving technology that influences recruiting today. You’ll see a couple of familiar names in this list along with more apps we believe can reinvigorate the recruitment industry.

shapr logo

Shapr: "Swipe for one minute a day. Build your dream network on Shapr."

In 2017, we included Shapr as a networking tool that could easily be used for recruitment. That premise holds true and we still believe it can be a great place to source new talent. Set up in a format similar to a dating app, Shapr allows professionals to connect with one another by establishing specific criteria as well as location. It’s perfect to set up those connections without the formality of a traditional job search. Modern-day networking, 101.

linkup logo

LinkUp: "__With verified, up-to-date job listings directly from employer websites, we create a premium experience for job seekers, employers, and data seekers alike."

LinkUp, not to be confused with LinkedIn, is another great way for employers to seek candidates in today’s market. The use of an iOS app makes that even easier. LinkUp for employers is set up a lot like other pay per click social media campaigns. The site itself simply indexes jobs from employer websites so job seekers can find them all in one place on the app they download to their phones. Pay per click allows your job to be featured so it can be found faster by top candidates.

interview assistant pro

Interview Assistant Pro: "Interview Assistant Pro HD is a professional mobile app to interview and hire your staff."

Did you know that having a streamlined and uniform interview process will help you hire only the best candidates? But to do this, things need to be consistent across the board. You can develop a process entirely from scratch, or you can use an app like Interview Assistant Pro to help you create one. The app allows you to organize interviews, set prompts, take audio-to-text notes during the interview, and track the entire process. It even offers a series of customized questions to pull from when you meet with candidates.


Zoom: "Zoom for video, conference rooms & phone"

In today’s global economy, not every candidate will be right around the corner from you and your hiring team. While this could have been a stumbling block in the past, today’s businesses can utilize any number of technology solutions for virtual meetings. One of our favourites is Zoom. It gives you an easy way to connect in online meetings with people from anywhere.

blonk logo

Blonk: "Find your dream job in seconds. Connect with your future employers in a few swipes."

Another app that allows job seekers to quickly search and find the right job is Blonk. And, like many of the other apps, employers can post jobs directly to attract top candidates. The app wants to be seen as a Tinder for recruiters. While the app benefits everyone, it is truly designed from the perspective of recruitment professionals. It taps into the different ways recruiters search for talent online to match the best possible candidates to the right jobs.

Of course, these apps are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of recruitment. There are dozens more that could help you in your recruiting process every day. We also believe that pairing these innovative apps with a great applicant tracking software will give you the best all-around recruitment solution.

We would love to hear from you. What apps do you love in your recruitment departments? And how would an ATS like HireHive help you stay organised?

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