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How to get the best out of a small HR team

How to get the best out of a small HR team
Siobhan Hasner

Siobhan Hasner


A small HR team carries a serious burden in an organisation. Various tasks that larger organisations have the benefit of delegating to sub-sets within HR, often pile up. A smaller HR team will have to balance everything from recruiting candidates, performance review, benefits, training and even termination. The temptation to outsource is obvious, but sticking it out earlier on can make a huge difference to an organisation.

So how can you avoid outsourcing your HR/Recruitment function? With the wealth of tools available, it has never been easier to optimise a small team to have the highest impact possible. Here’s a few things to consider if you want to get the most out of your little HR team.

Structure and process

If you’re working in a growing startup environment, you’ll need to establish a recruitment plan for hiring over the coming months. Setting out profiles of the jobs you need filled will also help you set wider objectives for your fun-sized team. This is one area of work that cannot really be automated, but this aspect of the job benefits greatly from inter-departmental cooperation.

By co-operating with other teams, to learn their objectives, you can set your own. Once you set out the goals and objectives, it is straightforward from there. By understanding the requirements of growing teams and the needs of the existing employees, as well as the new, it can make your job much clearer.

Take advantage of analytics

Running analytics reports on the data you gather is pretty simple with the various software solutions available to a human resources department. The insights provided by this data can cut costs and burden on your small team. Using the information gathered, you can make more informed decisions, reducing risk, time to hire and cost per hire.

Taking the information that analytics can give you and applying it to your recruiting or people management decisions can make a huge impact on your approach to human resource management. Performance, productivity, recruiting, employee turnover and even behaviours can be analysed closely by the data provided. Informed decisions require very little manpower in light of these analytics solutions.


When balancing a number of tasks, automation or implementing systems or processes will help to reduce burdens on a small team. We have already discussed the endless possibilities and efficiency of analytics tools, but that’s just a drop in the ocean of HR tools.

Using recruiting software and other technologies will optimise a small HR team. Recruiting software reduces the demands on your small team and the hiring manager. It also makes the job of communicating with other teams immeasurably easier.

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