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HireHive and Byron Recruitment announce new teachers job board

HireHive and Byron Recruitment announce new teachers job board
HireHive Team

HireHive Team


For us at HireHive partnerships are really important. We work with some amazing partners for various parts of our business from job boards, to assessment providers and lots in between.

That’s why we’re delighted to announce a brand new partnership with Byron Recruitment. This is a new type of partnership for us and one we are very excited about. Byron Recruitment is a boutique recruitment agency that helps schools across Asia find teachers. At HireHive we already work with a number of schools and education providers so the partnership made perfect sense.

Byron Recruitment

Byron Recruitment has been a customer of HireHive since its establishment. We are delighted to have helped them place a number of teachers across various schools. This partnership will help HireHive enter a relatively new market with the support of a trusted partner. It will also support Byron Recruitment as it continues to build a strong database of candidates for its clients.

“HireHive is the first thing I open each morning when I want to check on how many applicants have applied to jobs overnight. It's where I go to create and post new teaching jobs for international schools across Asia. And it's how we keep track  of each individual applicant's progress from initial interest to physically starting their new job.” says Jeff Baggs, Managing Director of Byron Recruitment.

Job Board for Teachers

Through this partnership we have built a job board which allows schools to publish their teaching positions. This job board allows schools to reach a select audience of suitable candidates. The jobs on this job board are specific to each school which means that candidates are never shared so you have direct contact with the candidates that have applied for your job via HireHive.

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‘Partnering with Jeff and Byron Recruitment will open up new markets for us.’ adds Siobhan Hasner, Managing Director of HireHive, ‘We already work with a number of schools and education providers in Europe and the US. Expanding into the Asia/Pacific market is something we are really excited about. The demand for teachers is growing every year and having a system like HireHive can really help a school gain a competitive advantage. It can help when posting jobs, setting up interviews and generally managing the recruitment process. Jeff also has great knowledge and insight into this market that will really help us move forward.’

Teachers Job Board

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