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Employer branding best practices

Employer branding best practices
Orla Hodnett

Orla Hodnett


A powerful employer brand can do your recruiting for you. How do you effectively establish and communicate your employer brand?

Your employer brand is your best chance of attracting top talent, so you need to get your company’s message out there. Building your brand is part of the long game and it takes careful strategizing. Every tool you have at your disposal, including your recruiting software, can be utilised when building up your employer brand. Here are a few best practices for letting candidates know what your all about:


Events are a great way of communicating your employer brand. They can help you assert your organisation as an industry leader and show thought leadership to potential new hires. You can get your message out to the wider public on your terms.

Regularly holding events can help you engage with university students, industry professionals, or even those with an interest in what your organisation is doing. Helping potential candidates understand your work and how you work can help you attract the talent you want.

A custom careers site is essential to your employer brand

Custom careers site

A custom careers site is essential to your employer brand. A careers site is the first port of call for any individual who wants to work for your organisation, so you have to make a positive impression.

A careers site can help you communicate what roles you're hiring for, as well as various aspects of your culture. HireHive can help you easily put together a custom careers site so that you can clearly demonstrate your employer brand.

Involve your existing team

Nobody knows your organization better than your current team. When recruiting, they should be involved in the hiring process, through referrals and putting together job specifications. Their insight is invaluable to the process.

Employer branding is no different. Your team clearly understands how your organisation operates, so they should be involved in any branding efforts. Employee testimonials or day-in-the-life accounts will help you demonstrate your brand and culture.

Social media is a reference point for customers, as well as passive candidates and job applicants

Employer branding & Social media

Social media is an essential aspect of your employer brand. Your different pages are a reference point for customers, as well as passive candidates and job applicants. Social media should play a huge role in branding efforts, whether generally or in the development of your employer brand.

As stated already, your existing team has a huge role to play here. Involving them in your social media strategy will help you develop a cohesive and distinctive brand, which will benefit your organisation as a whole.

Company culture

This one is a bit of a catch all. Your company culture encapsulates you brand, your team, your style of work, your benefits, to name just a few. Culture is extremely influential in branding and equally influential in recruiting.

Developing your culture is part of the long game, but it plays a big role in your employer branding efforts. Using your custom careers site, social media and events, you can communicate your organisation’s values and style of work.

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