The Water Project’s customer story

HireHive is working with The Water Project to find people who share their company values and build relationships faster.

In one afternoon, they were able to create their HireHive account, design their customised careers page and get their jobs published to major job boards.

Within one hour they had already received applications and within two weeks candidates were being moved along the process.

The story behind The Water Project

The Water Project’s story started 11 years ago when Peter was working in Canada. While attending a conference, Peter was introduced for the very first time to the water crisis by a Kenyan speaker who talked about the communities he was working with, facing issues such as climate disasters and hunger. At that time, Peter didn’t know that unclean water was a problem affecting billions of people, especially women and girls. Being the ones carrying water back and forth, they have the most hours of their day and youth robbed from them.

When that time is returned to a young girl, she has time to dream, to think about what her future might be.

Before this conference, he didn't realise that water is the foundation of everything. It is the first problem that needs to be solved before being able to tackle other issues such as poverty, hunger or lack of education. It all begins with reliable access to clean water.

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Along with the water crisis, Peter also learned how to tackle the issues of poverty, hunger and lack of education. He found out that these projects are approachable when you look at them one community at a time. And that is what Peter did, involving 25 middle and high school kids to raise money to fund one water project. From a singular idea at the time they created The Water Project. Since then, about 1,400 projects have been completed.

For The Water Project, it is hugely important to engage both with people in the communities they are working with, and also with their donors. Donors can follow the project they have donated to over time. Building relationships and trust with their partners is the most important thing. And reliability fits into this because if you make a project work every day and over time, the community starts to trust you.

Projects for the future

Before targetting new countries The Water Project focuses on making sure that they fully cover the areas they work in. As reliability is hugely important for the organisation, they are also planning on building some of the infrastructure that is going to be necessary to ensure reliable access to clean water over time. Providing repairs free of charge forever isn’t sustainable, and this action will help create jobs that will sustain families.

The Water Project is also looking to develop “a programme of adoption”. This involves looking for wells installed by other organisations who may not have the will or capacity to take care of them. The Water Project plans to rehabilitate those wells and take care of them in the long term.

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The Water Project & HireHive

The organisation, whose headquarters are located in Concord, NH, now counts 12 full-time employees. They also have four active partners and that total team size is over a hundred people. One of the biggest challenges faced by The Water Project is finding good people that share their values. The second one is the fact that finding partners for long-term relationships takes time. HireHive has made that easier.

In one afternoon, Peter and his colleague Stan were able to create their account, their job description and publish their job. They also had instant access to a hosted HireHive careers page, that they were able to customise.

We had what everybody agreed was a great presentation of The Water Project. It looked like we had spent many days building it, not half an hour.

Having their jobs automatically sent to our partner job boards also saved them time. And they didn't have to wait to see the results: within one hour they already had applications in their account! And within two weeks of using HireHive, they were already moving candidates along the process.

Peter’s favourite feature is that HireHive is the one-stop shop for everything a company needs to do in terms of candidate management. From moving them along the recruitment process to communicating safely with them, they can do everything in HireHive. The interface allowed them to put a very professional face on their organisation without having to involve any technical staff.

HireHive is the perfect example of a company that has created a product designed for the business user

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