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How important are conversion rates?

How important are conversion rates?
Siobhan Hasner

Siobhan Hasner


The conversion rate is taken from the total number of applications for specific jobs divided by the total number of views*.

But what is a ‘good’ conversion rate?

Conversion rates vary greatly for different industries to different companies and even down to different jobs. We’ve looked at our customers and industry averages and have found that anything over 10% is a very good conversion rate to have. Generally we see an average of between 7% and 10%. Anything higher is of course great but anything lower can also be explained.

Here are some things that might be affecting application conversion rates:

  1. Job description: Are you giving enough detail in your job descriptions? There’s a fine line here - you don’t want to go too short or too long with your job description. It’s worth spending time on getting this right as it will affect where your job is shown (job boards will run algorithms on job descriptions) and also affect the likelihood of a candidate applying. Ensure the skills required and tasks are clearly listed and think of the language your candidates will be speaking - use keywords that candidates are likely to search for.

  2. Post to skill specific job boards and channels: Linkedin has specific groups relating to skills. For example ‘Non profit jobs’ group. Certain job boards are also targeting specific skills. For example job boards targeting candidates with specific language fluency. Do some research into where the best places to post are on an individual job basis rather than ‘blanket posting jobs’.

    3. Type of job: Some roles just don’t get as many applications as others. Certain skills are in higher demand and there are just not enough people to apply.

    4. Take conversion rates with a pinch of salt: although important your conversion rate isn’t the be all and end all. It is something to be aware of and continually trying to improve this is beneficial but it’s also important to take the quality of candidates on board. Sometimes it may be better to get just 3 great applications rather than 30 mediocre ones.

*views of the general jobs listing page are not included. Only specific job views are included to provide more accurate data.

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