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Back to the office: What tools do we use in HireHive?

Back to the office: What tools do we use in HireHive?
Maelle De Francesco

Maelle De Francesco


As it is now time to get back to work after the summer, we've decided to share with you a few tool recommendations. Here are the tools that we love to use in HireHive, and most of them are part of our daily routine in the office. Some of them are very popular tools, while others definitely deserve more popularity. We hope that our list will inspire you to use some of these tools. Let's get started!


MeetEdgar is our social media automation tool. We have tried a few different tools to manage our social media channels and the publication of our posts. But MeetEdgar is the one that works best for us: we created a library with all the content that we have on our recruiting blog, and have created a schedule to help us share our different updates with our audience. This has helped us reach our audience in the UK and Ireland, but also in the US, who may not always be online at the same time due to the difference in time zones.

The challenge we had here at HireHive was that we had a LOT of content on our blog, from years of building our content with different writers. But nobody was really seeing our content, because sharing it in different time zones manually is basically impossible. MeetEdgar has changed the way we handle our social media postings, and the views on our posts have increased dramatically since we’ve changed the way we are handling them.


Yes, we have a blog, but we also have a newsletter, that we craft and send to our wonderful fans every month. MailChimp is the tool we use to do this. We have created a custom template for the HireHive newsletter in Mailchimp that we customise every month to share our freshest blog posts with our readers and our customers.

MailChimp is also super useful when it comes to creating forms and sending mailing campaigns: for example, last April, we created a campaign to refresh our customers’ consent to receive our monthly newsletter, consent that we had to collect before the implementation of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). MailChimp made that super easy for us, and it's a tool that we love using!


Intercom is the tool we use for customer support. Having an online chat option on our website for our users, makes it so much easier for our team to help people who are using our software and have problems they need us to solve. Intercom also allows us to send messages to our users, either in our software or via email. We use this to announce that we just released a new feature, for example.

We also use Intercom to send automated free trial onboarding emails: that allows us to track who opens, who clicks and to have the answers directly in our customer support team inbox. We are also always looking for new ways to help our customers with our product, so we are currently working on adding some more Intercom functions to our website.


Some of our team is working remotely, or sometimes working from home - which means that we need to have a tool to make sure that we can keep the communication between us. The tool we use here is Teamwork Chat. It helps us stay in touch, and communicate easily with all team members even if it's just to say hi. We do also sometimes send puppy photos (unfortunately, there are more dog people than cat people in the team - written by one of the few cat people).


You've probably heard of this one already, but I couldn't help mentioning it because I’m in love with Canva. Being in charge of social media, I know that certain platforms call for different formats, and being able to create images for our social channels is super important. The problem is, I have very little knowledge of graphic design. That’s why Canva is so magical in my opinion: it’s such a simple tool to use, but it really allows you to make beautiful designs in no time. I use it mainly to create visuals for our Instagram account, where we share some recruiting inspiration and recruiting quotes weekly. If you have never used it, please go check it out now! I’m sure it will change your life. Oh, and go follow us on Instagram too :)


Calendly is the tool we use here to schedule our calls and demos with our leads and clients. As we are working with people living in different countries (and even different continents!) organising demos and calls through different time zones can be a bit tricky. You are never fully sure of the time zone the person you’re talking to lives in, and figuring out what it corresponds to in your own time can easily cause headaches. That’s a problem Calendly is solving for us, and it really helps us save time. It's super easy to set up, you just have to share a link and then wait for people to book calls and demos with you!


Toby is one of my favourite tools that we use here at HireHive. This Chrome extension allows you to create a library of your browser tabs. Instead of having folders and bookmarks, you create your library of tabs, that you can open in your browser in one click. I used to be the kind of person who would have about 15 tabs open constantly... but Toby changed my life! I now have an “Everyday essentials” library of tabs, with my Inbox, our Teamwork chat, LinkedIn and Twitter. Then I also have the “SEO” one, with our Moz account, our Google Analytics one and my SEO docs. So easy and it saves us a lot of clicks to open all these tabs!

Unbounce is one of my favourite tools at the moment. If you have never heard of it, it is a very useful platform to build your own landing page. Here at HireHive, we have quite a small team and the marketing team used to have to ask the tech team to create landing pages to use for our different campaigns, but that was taking up a lot of their time, and we didn’t have the freedom to create the exact pages that we wanted. Unbounce is really easy to use, and they have plenty of templates to get you started. Even if you're not a designer you can build really nice landing pages for your company.


And last but not least...We use HireHive! That’s an unexpected revelation, right?! If you don’t know yet, HireHive is recruiting software that allows you to manage your recruitment all in one place, from sharing your jobs to job boards and social media to managing your candidates' pipeline. As every company, we have recruitment needs, and HireHive has already helped us many times recruiting new members for our team.

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