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10 Must-Read Books to Help Improve and Standardized Your Recruitment Process

10 Must-Read Books to Help Improve and Standardized Your Recruitment Process
HireHive Team

HireHive Team


As the world takes a step back trying to wrap its collective head around the current global health crisis, the economy everywhere is facing a new reality. Some companies aren’t engaging in business at all, but when things return to normal the upswing in new hires will be fast and furious. There’s no better time than now to turn inward for learning recruitment ideas and techniques that you can bring back to the table when business resumes. What are the top 10 must-read books for standardizing your recruitment process? Let’s take a closer look.

1) Making the most out of Technology and Data

Wolfe has years of experience with recruiting and his TEDx Talks showcase his expertise. But his book talks about how technology is disrupting recruiting. Specifically, he explores people analytics driven by companies like Google. To embrace the future of recruitment, embracing data will be imperative.

We have to be honest with ourselves. Recruiting, for a long time, was driven by intuition. But in today’s data-driven economy, that may not provide us with the best solutions. To drive the new economy, and improve your recruitment strategy, recognizing how data and technology can help improve the industry is going to benefit us all.

Is a recruiter’s job really at risk from artificial intelligence? While AI can enhance the recruiting profession, it will be impossible to replace the human touch in every aspect. This book provides the tools a recruiter needs to make themselves an integral part of the entire recruiting process.

2) Finding the right talent

Of course, if data is the only driver of new recruitment strategies, you’ll miss out on another important aspect. Not only is recruiting a type of client services, but staffing agencies and recruiters also need to be partners to the companies they work with. The book showcases strategies to reduce the time to hire and better collaboration with hiring managers.

Even with data driving the industry, recruiters still need to talk to candidates to make the best selections for their clients. This book features exercises that can help you put the work into practice immediately. It’s great not only for entry-level recruiters but to refresh information for those who have been in the industry for a long time.

Faremouth posits that if recruiters rely too much on the resume itself, they can make grave mistakes trying to match employees to jobs. She’s created a method that, as she says, “gets under the hood” of resumes to help recruiters make the right matches, not just any placement.

This book goes over the potential pitfalls of hiring the wrong person. While it is geared toward the hiring manager as the primary audience, recruiters need to understand the fears and concerns of their client companies when they’re making a placement.

3) The future of the recruitment industry

We would do a disservice by not including a resource on social media just for the recruitment industry. Why? Social Media is changing the way we connect with everyone, and it is going to be an important tool for a long time. But that doesn’t mean all social media strategies are one size fits all. This book provides guidelines.

It helps to look toward the future to better understand how various trends and technologies will disrupt recruiting and what staffing firms can do about it. It gives recruiters a path to seek out these trends and meet them head-on so they don’t get left behind when things shift dramatically.

Her book is a call to action for those in the industry who want to be disrupters. If you shrug off the idea that “it’s always been done this way,” this book can help you expand your horizons and become a competitive recruiter in a modern world.

In the future of recruiting, we also believe that standardization will come in the form of useful online tools to help source and hire only the very best candidates. Do you want to learn more? Contact the team at HireHive today.

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