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How Can Recruiters Use ChatGPT or AI to Streamline and Automate

How Can Recruiters Use ChatGPT or AI to Streamline and Automate
HireHive Team

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You can't get very far without hearing about ChatGPT today. People won't stop discussing this OpenAI chatbot throughout professional discussions on LinkedIn and other platforms. If you haven't been a part of those conversations, ChatGPT is a chatbot designed by OpenAI and launched in November of 2022. The bot has taken the world by storm. Some people are using it for fun to write recipes and raps, while others are incorporating AI into their business, using it to help write content or copy. What about the recruiting industry? Can recruiters use AI or ChatGPT to augment and automate many of their regular tasks? Let's take a closer look.

Deep Dive into ChatGPT

So what exactly is ChatGPT? To understand, we need to go back to the idea of artificial intelligence and how OpenAI arrived at this development. The primary idea behind artificial intelligence is Machine Learning. This means the technology can learn compounding ideas that allow it to puzzle out answers to questions in ways similar to humans. Specifically, OpenAI uses Transfer Learning, meaning that once the program understands one concept, it can apply that information to another idea. 

GPT stands for Generative Pre-Trained Transformer, which was developed using supervised and reinforcement learning from human programmers. Now, as ChatGPT becomes more widely used, the team at OpenAI can use user data to fine-tune the system's learning. So it is continuously improving or changing. 

ChatGPT is modeled after natural human conversation. So you can put in a query or prompt, and it will respond as if it is chatting with you directly. It functions almost like a search engine as it quickly pulls existing data and provides you with an answer to your question. 

The Problems with ChatGPT

Several concerns with ChatGPT have very little to do with the rise of the machines. While there is some concern that AI will take jobs from people such as writers or artists, the current use of it is more of a novelty than a long-term replacement for these roles. However, it's not without drawbacks. 

For example, writers using ChatGPT to create content find that the information triggers plagiarism concerns since the bot is trolling existing sites to pull data. And, as of right now, search engines like Google are still penalizing websites that use AI-generated content. 

There is also some concern for marketing and website creation professionals as more people turn to ChatGPT for answers rather than simply Googling the information. Both Google and Bing are working on creating their own AI-driven search engines to combat this concern

However, many great uses of AI, including ChatGPT and openAI-based software, can benefit people in many industries, including recruitment. 

How Recruiters can use AI 

It's not likely that AI is going to replace the human element of recruiting any time soon, but tools like ChatGPT can help automate many aspects of a recruiter's job. That gives hiring professionals more time to focus on revenue-generating work, including sourcing and placing talent. 35% of recruiting experts believe AI is the number one trend in hiring. Further, it's believed that AI can improve the attraction and retention of candidates by 96%. 

AI can help automate recruitment processes such as: 

  • Writing outreach messages to candidates at various stages of the recruitment process
  • Creating job descriptions for open positions
  • Drafting HR policies before fine-tuning them with the help of a legal team 
  • Research and benchmark salary data 

HireHive is offering an integrated AI tool to help with precisely this. Based on the same concepts at ChatGPT, our system will be able to generate critical processes of your strategy to eliminate the time sink inherent in the administrative functions of recruiting. Working with our comprehensive applicant tracking system eliminates these concerns and lets the software work for you. 

The most critical and time-consuming part of a recruiter's role is sourcing and screening talent. While artificial intelligence, like ChatGPT, can't replace the human element in this process, it can help optimize the results and increase efficiency and effectiveness.  

Automate Repetitive Tasks

To have more time to talk with talent and screen them for available positions, AI's best use is through the automation of repetitive tasks. For example, it can generate automated email responders for every process step to keep candidates engaged. It can be used as a chatbot to answer frequently asked questions to take that off the recruiter's plate. 

AI can also speed up the process of refining searching through an ATS. Keyword-based algorithms have been used to search large databases of candidate information for a long time, but AI and machine learning take that ability to search to the next level. 

Improved Candidate Experience

While one primary goal of using artificial intelligence is to make recruiters more efficient, it can also help improve the candidate experience. We already mentioned using AI to improve communication channels and provide instant access to expert knowledge through chatbots. By continuing to engage candidates, recruiters can close more placements and improve candidate satisfaction. Everyone wins. 

However, it's also important to note that AI needs to be used ethically in this process. It can help reduce unconscious bias by using blind evaluations for candidate skills and experience, but AI is only as good as the information it's been fed. There have been instances where chatbots, and even ChatGPT itself, have returned biased information based on available resources. So a commitment to ethical AI is vital for companies embracing the future. 

Incorporating AI into Applicant Tracking Systems

Incorporating chat into your Applicant tracking system is one of the best ways to utilize this new technology in recruitment. You already trust your ATS partner, and the use of AI is already a part of the experience. Adding a chat component, like ChatGPT, can only enhance the experience and provide access to better tools as technologies develop. 

Work with HireHive

HireHive is incorporating AI technology to allow users to write job descriptions in a fraction of the time. This, along with the other top functions of our system, can help you automate your recruitment process to focus your time on revenue-generating tasks. Check out HireHive's new AI Assistant feature:

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